Short Term Medical Insurance

Short term medical plans are health insurance policies that have a defined term length, usually from 1 to 12 months. A “STM” might not be the best fit for everyone, but can be a much more affordable health insurance option for some individuals and families. Whether you need health insurance coverage for a short period of time or long term, a short term medical plan can be a good option to look at.

Are Short Term Medical Plans Good?

A short term medical plan is an insurance policy, on file with the appropriate State governments, and follows the appropriate insurance laws. For any insurance plan to be good, it needs to be the right fit for your medical needs and wants. STM prices are usually lower than other plans because they often exclude coverages for pre-existing conditions, pregnancy, and mental health. When you are working with a health insurance agent, it’s important to discuss what is important to you, so you get setup with the best health insurance for you.

Are Short Term Medical Plans Bad?

If you hear someone say that a specific type of health insurance policy is bad, that is their opinion based on either their experiences or the experiences of others. The problem with that is you probably aren’t hearing the whole story. If someone thinks a particular health plan is bad, then it probably isn’t the right fit for them for any number of reasons. Every medical plan is different and every persons needs are different. This is part of the reason why it’s so important to work with a health insurance agent you trust to help you get setup with the best health insurance plan for you.