Health Insurance Plans

Health Insurance Plans For Everyone

Our VIP Health Insurance agents have the tools, resources, and access to the carriers that matter most.  Our VIP agents have access to over 100 of the top tier insurance companies across the country and thousands of health insurance plans to be able to help you get what is the best for you. There is no such thing as a one-size fits all when it comes to health insurance plans. Your situation is unique and you deserve a customized solution for your health insurance needs.

Top Tier

Our VIP agents have access to 100+ top tier health insurance companies and thousands of health insurance plans across the country.

Flexible Pricing

With both income-based pricing and health-based pricing available, our VIP agents are specially trained to get you the best deal possible.

Pre-Existing Conditions

Our agents have plans that cover your pre-existing conditions immediately, if that is something you need or want.

Local & National

Amongst our huge inventory of health insurance plans, both local and national networks are available depending on what’s best for you.

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Fundamental Health Insurance Plans

At the core of all health insurance plans should be the four fundamental types of plans.  The exact coverage and plans can be customized based on your needs and wants. Our VIP agents have access to thousands of plans that are well suited for all types of situations and budgets.

Medical Plans

All health insurance plans will have some sort of a core medical plan that is best for your needs, wants, and budget.

Dental Plans

Dental hygiene and care is a key part of our overall health. Catching problems early and minimizing the out-of-pocket costs is a plus.

Accidental Plans

Unexpected accidental injuries happen all the time. Accident coverages help cover the costs that your main medical plan doesn’t.

Critical Illness Plans

Critical illness coverages help protect your financial well-being in the event of an unexpected critical illness diagnosis.

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Other Health Insurance Plans

We understand that your unique situation might benefit from one of the many other types and variations of health insurance plans available.  While some plans are more common than others, we want to offer you what is truly the best health insurance plans for your situation. 

In addition to the most common medical, dental, accidental and critical illness plans; our VIP agents can offer you variations of those plans or even completely different plans, if that is what’s best for you.

Some of the health insurance plans that we can offer you include: ACA ,accident, indemnity, Affordable Care Act, cancer, critical illness, Dental Indemnity, Dental PPO, drug discounts, drug plans, fixed accident, fixed indemnity,, hopsital expense, hopsital indemnity, limited medical, MEC, Obamacare, prescriptions, short term medical, telemedicine, vision.

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Best Health Insurance Companies

Our VIP agents can help you with over 100 different insurance companies across the country including the biggest names in the industry and smaller regional carriers as well. Availability depends on the area you live in and some plans might be better than others depending on what is most important to you.  Your VIP agent can help go over your options and make recommendations for the best health insurance company for your situation.

United Healthcare Health Insurance Plans
Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance Plans
Cigna Health Insurance Plans
Allstate Health Insurance Plans
Ambetter Health Insurance Plans
Aetna Health Insurance Plans

Plus many more health insurance companies. If you are looking for a specific company, just ask, our VIP agents probably have access to it if its available.  Even though there might be a lot of insurance companies, usually a smaller amount of carriers will have health insurance plans available to purchase in any given state or county.  Searching online for health insurance can often lead to frustration and misinformation. Our VIP agents take the headache out of shopping for coverage, they will help you through the entire quoting and enrollment process, answering all your questions along the way.