Email System

Email is a critical part of business. Some consumers prefer to communicate primarily over email. It’s also very important to be able to effectively send and receive information for your clients.

You will be issued an email address through HST that will be used for internal communications and contracting with carriers. You can also use this email address to communicate with your prospects and clients if you want to. This is probably the easiest and simplest option when first starting out.

Some agents, like myself, prefer to use a different email address for client/prospect communications. If you have your own domain name (like you can often easily have an email address associated with it. There are also email-only services offered by many companies (like GoDaddy or Microsoft) that you can get your own custom email address without having to worry about a website. Having your own custom email address isn’t needed, but it can appear very professional to clients as long as it fits with your overall marketing and branding.

Microsoft Outlook

There are many email software programs out there. Personally, I am the most familiar with Microsoft Outlook, so that is what I use. Outlook itself isn’t your email, its just the software you use to send, receive, read, and store your email. You can have mutliple email accounts setup in Outlook, so you get all your different email in one place. If you choose to have your own customized email address, you can have that email and also the HST email address setup in Outlook to make it easy to stay on top of everything.