Health Insurance 1095 Tax Form

Health insurance 1095 tax forms are issued to persons who had a qualifying health plan. There are variations of the 1095 form depending on how you got your health insurance coverage. It’s important to note, that your insurance company doesn’t issue these forms. The 1095 tax forms are issued by the marketplace or your employer.


The 1095-A health insurance tax form is provided to you by the marketplaces. The marketplaces also file this form with the IRS, so its important to include it when you file taxes.


The 1095-B health insurance tax form is used to report certain information to the IRS and to taxpayers related to having minimum essential coverage.


The 1095-C health insurance tax form is issued to full-time employees (FT for at least 1 month) of an application large employer to report health insurance information for the calendar year.

Do I Need a 1095 Form?

The simple answer is yes. However, always consult with a tax expert for your situation.

How Do I Get a 1095 Form?

How you get the correct 1095 form depends on how you got health insurance coverage for that year. If you got your health insurance coverage through your employer, then contact your employer to get the form. If you purchased a marketplace health insurance policy (either through an agent or not), then the marketplace issues the 1095 form and you would need to contact them. If Robert Falk or one of our other VIP Brokers is your agent, then they can easily this form to you in most situations.